Welcome to Detox 101:

The Ultimate Detox Guide to a Complete Body, Mind and Kitchen Cleanse in 21 days.

Before we get started, I want to share what happened to me that led me to create this online course for you...

After going through a very stressful time in my life, I started experiencing strange symptoms;

  • chronic fatigue (I generally love exercising, but had no energy to do so);
  • irregular menstrual cycles and worsening pms; and
  • occasional heart palpitations (this was very worrying to me);

I decided to do a detox in order to give my body and mind a good cleanse.

I found myself in the isle of a health shop, ready to stock up on everything I needed for my detox. After looking around for quite some time, it struck me: I graduated from medical school in 2004 and worked in clinical practice since then. I devoted the past couple of years of my life to researching the human body holistically - how to use food, sleep, movement, community, relaxation, supplements and detoxification for optimal wellness. But still I found it difficult and overwhelming to practically implement all of the knowledge and principles! 😬

I went straight home and immediately started working on a practical, achievable and sustainable program to enable myself and my patients to implement the above mentioned knowledge and principles.

It's from my own struggle and desire to work towards optimal wellness that Detox 101 was born!

I trust that this will be as valuable to you as it has been to me, my family, the RevitaHealth team and numerous patients. ❤


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Here we go...

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